Paintings by Catriona Maclaine

Roll up, roll up, see the performing cockatoos, the bearded lady, the hoop twirler, the fat lady, the clowns, the snake lady and the Siamese Twins!

“Making, baking all the while, cooking while you watch. Get ‘em while they’re hot!” Doesn’t that bring back memories?

Cathie’s first solo exhibition is a trip down memory lane as she tells and re-lives her 20 years in the sideshow industry that saw her on the circuit from Tasmania to Cairns.

For the past 14 years Cathie has owned an operate Le Café in Ann Street Launceston, but her feeling and exuberance for the glitz and glamour of sideshow life is clearly detailed in this collection of 24 paintings.

Full of colour, mystery, intrigue and fun, these paintings are a delight to the eye, taking you on a journey of re-discovery of a bygone era.

This exhibition stirs the soul, fires the imagination and will leave you with a wonderful feeling. A trip to the sideshow for free!

Thank you Cathie for not only sharing part of your life with us, but for reminding us of the ‘good old days’.

Some of the paintings were:

8. Cockatoos and Cohorts

The shifty guy on the microphone.

The busty babe, the bearded lady and the performing cockatoos.

A very clever composition, striking colour and a riot of shape.

3. The Juggler’s Tale

What is the juggler really looking at?

Less detail than the other large canvasses, but the attention to detail in the clown’s costume is captivating.

1. The Ringmaster’s Sidekicks (top painting)

“Roll up, roll up and see …”

A journey of discovery as you wander through and take in all the detail.

Love the kangaroo knitting.

18. Seal of Approval

Subtle underpainting, mysterious.

Ponder this painting awhile, it tells many stories.

Love the cat.

21. Curtain’s up Louella (bottom painting)

Warm light, innocence, anticipation.

Great use of pattern, texture and shape. Great composition and a truly captivating painting.

My favourite!

15. Cockatoo Circus

It’s all here, a complete cast of characters. A beautifully detailed overview of sideshow life.

This wonderful exhibition is being held at the Mezzanine Gallery, at Country Club Tasmania, Launceston, Tasmania and is open every day until August 22.


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2 Responses to ART REVIEW

  1. cathie says:

    thanks Richard for your kind words and all the positive support.
    The opening was a very enjoyable experience ,just great getting all that positive feedback.
    It has been a very interesting process getting ready for the exhibition.
    The studio feels bare at the moment until I start on the next project.
    I noticed that the ABC now has an online facility for artists to upload and display their work through their website.
    Seems like a fabulous idea.
    Thanks again you made it all very easy.

    • artkleko says:

      It was a pleasure working with you Cathie. Your paintings add a definite sparkle to the Mezzanine Gallery. Let’s hope for more red stickers!

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