I am currently working on two abstract drawings. The one on the left is soft-edged and was featured in yesterday’s blog post. The one on the right is a large hard-edged symbolic semi-abstract drawing. It has its origins in Monday’s featured drawing titled Redline, but when finished it will be a very different work.

Is your work soft-edged or hard-edged? Most of my work is the latter, but I do enjoy softer work from time to time.

I love abstract art; it’s process-driven. One doesn’t need to worry if it looks like something. The main aims are to create a balanced composition with a focal point and relate a feeling to the observer.

Working on two very different drawings gives me a choice each day. Which one will I feel like working on today?


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2 Responses to SOFT OR HARD EDGED?

  1. Gillian says:

    I think it’s mostly hard-edged for me but I’m trying very hard to work softer – if that’s synonimous with ‘looser’. It’s fun to vary what we do though, isn’t it. x

    • artkleko says:

      It’s true that variation is good for us. I’m basically hard-edged too Gillian, but I love venturing into the “softer side” on occasions!

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