I recently helped an artist remove two paintings from her car. To my horror they were both devoid of any wrapping material and were precariously balanced behind the front seat of her car. How they were never scratched I do not know.

It’s important to wrap every painting when they are being transported. In my role as an art curator, I often see marked frames, the result of either being handled improperly or transported ‘roughly’.

The invention of bubble wrap is undoubtedly one of the greatest feats of our civilization. Where would artists be without it?

I cannot stress how important it is to wrap your artwork carefully and properly before transporting it. Some artists even take the trouble to wrap their frames with cling film, then bubble wrap. This is advisable if your frames scratch easily. Glass-covered art  demands careful and appropriate packaging. Perspex is a much safer bet, but it is expensive and scratches easily. Cardboard corners can be bought for added protection. ‘Fragile’ – labelled tape is also a worthwhile addition.

Adding an outside layer of cardboard is an excellent option and remember to label each piece of bubble wrap and cardboard with your name.

I have almost finished wrapping the 34 drawings I am sending to Hobart for my forthcoming exhibition. I intend to wrap the smaller works in pairs then add a layer of heavy-duty plastic to make them easier to transport.


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  1. Great advice on wrapping paintings for shipping or travel. I see this mistake made quite commonly as well, and it’s a shame considering it is quite easy to prevent. Great blog!

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