Over the next few weeks I thought I’d post examples of the work (in chronological order)  that I will be featuring in my exhibition The Truth About Coloured Pencils, in Hobart which opens on July 2.

This is a mini-retrospective exhibition of the landscape drawings that I have completed since my retirement from art teaching in 2005.

It’s an opportunity for me to take a look at what I’ve achieved in the past 5 years and hopefully, give me some indication as to where my work is heading.

From the top: Shells at Scamander, Forest Floor, Lake Barrington and Afternoon Light, Upper Blessington.

The top two are quite flat and graphic in style, while the bottom drawing is composed of very small pencil strokes.

Tomorrow I will post the first of 4 articles on a drawing workshop that I conducted at Burnie yesterday.



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  1. Gillian says:

    Two such distinct styles but equally engaging. Some of your best work, Richard!

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Gillian. It’s interesting to look back at where one’s art has come from. I have worked with several styles over the past 20 years and hope to try more when the time is right!

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