Drawings in blacklead pencils are not that commonly seen in galleries these days. We are swamped with colour so often that when one sees such a drawing, we immediately gravitate to it.

Some years ago I produced a series of blacklead drawings for an exhibition and they proved to be quite popular. I hope to produce some more before the year is out.

I use a lot of heavy shading contrasted with expanses of white in my work, such as the example posted today, of a house in the Upper Derwent Valley in Tasmania.

There is a very broad range of shades available (9H – 9B), plus graphite pencils, that give the ‘greyscale artist’, plenty of variation.

This type of drawing is not as easy as it looks. Working without colour can be tricky and a a good deal of research needs to be done before embarking on such drawings.

I try to use as many different pencils as possible. Subtle differences do count and should be employed through variations of shade.

More tomorrow.


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  1. Dors says:

    Lovely graphite drawing Richard. I always look forward to seeing your pencil work. I love the shadows, you have achieved some lovely tones.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Dors, I am looking forward too, to seeing what I draw after so many years away from graphite work. My style in greyscale has always been quite loud and gutsy, but I expect this time around that I will be more subtle. I have started work on an unfinished drawing that i will post on my blog.
      I don’t want to start anything new just yet as I have some CP work to complete.
      Regards, Richard

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