Besides coloured pencil drawing, I have a strong interest in digital art.

I designed this cover for With Love To The World, an Australian Christian quarterly publication.

This is my third cover for this magazine and I have been asked to design a fourth for publication at Easter next year.

The theme is Incarnation, but the design carries a broader symbolic message.

Look at the photo frame and you will see two sets of footprints: one belonging to Jesus, the other yours. Which set is yours? Jesus became human to walk alongside us in our daily journey on this earth. Although not with us in the flesh today, he walks with us, in all places and in all situations. You know this because you talk to him and he does listen. can you now see your footprints?

The candle represents the Spirit of God and the triangle, the Holy Trinity. The shell is the symbol of baptism, the sacrament that is the key to becoming a member of God’s family.

The word ‘sand’ is mentioned 28 times in the Bible and usually refers to a large number of people.



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  1. Essy says:

    Found my way to this blog via your website.
    Facinating art work which I will browse through more in detail.
    My motto is one oft said – Art is Life.
    This is so richly seen intertwined in Richard’s work.
    Looking forward to the Easter cover.
    Jenny Esots, WILLUNGA SA

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