My latest drawing is starting to take on a more three dimensional look. I am adding a rock face in the foreground which is gradually removing the obvious shape and content of the piece of pumpkin that I have based this drawing on.

This drawing won’t be resolved quickly and will demand a lot of my time over the coming weeks.

I have commenced two more pumpkin drawings, both being very different, that I will attend to when I am in the mood.

I also have a new rock drawing underway that is a departure from what I have been drawing lately.

I shall post an update over the coming days.


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  1. beth simpson says:

    ok … LOVE IT … thanks for stopping by .. your site is wonderful

  2. Gillian says:

    Your pumpkin is looking amazing – so vibrant – those seeds really sing out!

    I’m interested that you have more than one piece on the go at any time – I’ve just started working like that – I find it helps to beat that ‘whatever shall I do next’ block, and I always have something to work at when the urge strikes!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments Gillian.
    I’m glad you have found that working on more than one piece can help stifle ‘artist’s block’. I have used this method for a number of years and found it quite beneficial.

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