The historic Lady Jane Franklin Gallery in Hobart, Tasmania.

Art galleries are the most popular places to sell your art. There are auctions and agents who provide the same service, but it’s the galleries that are responsible for the greatest number of sales.

Work is now being sold on the Internet, but not is as a great a quantity as artists would like. Selling artwork this way will be the theme for a future post.

‘Word of mouth’, often dubbed as the best why to advertise may get you some sales, even commissions, but this is not a reliable way of selling one’s artwork.

And speaking about commissions … these can be either a blessing or a millstone. I only take on a commission if I’m happy to draw what the client wants and I have some ‘freedom’. The best commissions are those where you have the freedom to do what you feel your client wants without any specific instructions.

It’s important to agree to a price before you start. Commissions are worth more than your ‘normal’ work, and should be priced accordingly.

If galleries are going to charge you a commission, what are you getting in return? What are the galleries’ responsibilities?

More tomorrow.



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