Shadows on Bark, Lake St. Clair, Tasmania.

What are the responsibilities of the artist?

Not only is the gallery ‘on show’ at their own exhibitions, but so is the artist.

Each artist must ensure that they show their best work, presented in the best way possible.

Artists need to show loyalty to the gallery and not show other examples of their work in another gallery in the same town. Not everyone will agree with this, but the reason I support such ‘gallery loyalty’ is that an artist can show too much of their work at the one time. By limiting one’s exposure to the art market your work becomes more special, more sought after and potential buyers are more likely to keenly follow your progress. In other words, don’t become greedy!

Outside major exhibitions, artists should provide the gallery with examples of their artwork on a regular basis.

Ideally, artists should be available while their exhibition is on show to talk to interested patrons at the gallery, and if requested, demonstrate their technique.

It’s really all about give and take between the artist and the gallery. If there is a balance then everyone is happy!


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