Last night I opened the latest exhibition at Country Club Tasmania in Launceston.

Mood Swings features the work of local artists Pauline Winwood, Louise Skabo & Jenny Sayer.

Pauline: I see something and I have to paint it. I paint because I can.

Louise: I re-live my memories through my painting. I delight in seeing a painting revealed.

Jenny: I paint what I see as my personal feelings, not necessarily as it is.

This exhibition is not only a delight to the eye, but a delight to the senses. Mood, atmosphere, texture, intrigue, balance and design are revealed in a series of 53 paintings from three artists who see things quite differently from each other.

But they have several things in common; they have a passion for their art, their visual senses are highly tuned, their technical competence is unquestioned and their art is not only interesting, it’s stimulating.

They all celebrate what is good about the Tasmanian landscape and its people.

Pauline: an experimental artist, confident and competent, who constantly challenges herself as she tests the limits of her chosen medium of watercolour.

The mood in her work is quite captivating. Her use of abstraction beautifully compliments her areas of understating as well as her depiction of realism.

12. Camping Lakeside

Soft, quiet, moody abstraction. A calming work that says so much with so little detail.

7. After the Fire

An illusion of depth, soft and hazy. Lovely use of angles in the foreground.

1.Window Shopping (top right)

(Curator’s choice)

The girls have hit town! Delightful understating. A wonderful feeling of anticipation. This painting has a certain ‘warmth’. Great composition.

Louise: celebrates the traditions of watercolour painting. A series of very consistent paintings that reflect life and landscape. Great use of washes. Her figures are full of character. This work reflects joy and happiness.

30. Eskleigh Stables (Bottom Right)

(Curator’s choice)

A very inviting painting. Great use of perspective.

A nonchalant glance by a passer-by is a delightful addition to the composition.

A wonderful, crisp light. A real ‘feel-good’ painting.

20. Native Garden, Ben Lomond.

A series of stepping-stones of colour, shape and texture, as one ‘walks’ into the painting.

Fresh, clean and inviting. A delight to the eye.

23. Cheshunt Heritage

A lovely balance of detail and minimalism. Great tonal depth and excellent perspective.

Jenny: contemporary, diverse, and a lateral thinker.

Painting, printmaking and drawing. Energetic work that often not only catches one’s eye, but makes one stop and pay attention.

36. Wake

Soft, serene, inviting.

Passers-by have left their mark, but only for a moment as the river returns to silence.

43. Gum Leaf (Above Left)

(Curator’s choice)

A striking, sweeping composition. Superbly executed. Loud, vibrant and extroverted.

51. Rhythm & View

An intriguing triptych of sensitive mark-making and texture.

The exhibition is opened daily until Sunday, November 21.



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3 Responses to MOOD SWINGS

  1. Pauline Winwood says:

    Thanks Richard for your lovely comments re Mood Swings. I think the opening night was fabulous and the general vibe was very positive. Cheers.

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