I have some days (don’t we all?) when I feel like getting out some of my ‘unfinished’ drawings and working on them for an hour or two, or three, or four …

And so it came to pass the other day I came across a drawing of a shed at Cheshunt, in Northern Tasmania. What ‘drew’ me (sorry for the pun) to this subject in the first place when I visited the property earlier in the year was the decaying state of the shed and the wonderful view through the ‘window’.

I like the crisp, hard-edged features of the building, its clean lines and the lovely light that has resulted in a number of shadows that are varied in tone. The drawing is 80 x 60 cm and once framed will be a strong visual statement.

The drawing still needs more work. Meanwhile, it once again resides in my drawing rack and patiently waits for further attention another day.


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