I’ve just finished curating the second of three exhibitions that I am involved in over a four-week period.

The paintings featured today are from a fundraising exhibition for the Launceston City Mission, one of a group of organisations that do tremendous work in this city for those who are struggling with life.

The response from artists in such events in very much appreciated. Organising such an event is not an easy task, so I thought that I’d publish a ‘guide’ for artists to follow that can apply to any exhibition.

1. Always clearly read the instructions that come with each entry form.

2. Clearly label your artwork. Have your own specialised label plus a label from the organisers if you have one.

3. Make sure your work is suitably framed, and check the back ensuring that it’s suitably sealed.

4. Post your entry form before the advertised closing date.

5. Deliver your work on time, suitably wrapped and print your name on any packaging.

6. At the end of the exhibition collect your work on time. If you cannot make the pick-up date contact the organisers.

I am amazed at the amount of artists who deliver their work unwrapped. Frames scratch so easily. With ‘delicate’ frames, wrap the frame in cling wrap and add cardboard corners for added protection. Add a layer of bubble wrap and a cardboard box if needed for added security.

Artwork is precious, take every care to protect what you have created!



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2 Responses to TIPS FOR ARTISTS

  1. Wow looks fantastic Richard,

    You know i never thought about wrapping my frames.. i would have thought exhibitors would find that annoying .. but to be honest its opened my eyes that makes sense 🙂

    I think i will be doing that from now on, thanks for the tips 🙂

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