My latest drawing in my Salamanca Landscape series has now reached the touch-up stage.

I have one more drawing to complete this trilogy that features a red line passing over concrete and bitumen.

I have placed the first two together and I was pleased with the way they complimented each other.

Abstract drawing is not as easy as it may look, and is even harder to sell!

When completed, I intend to display the three drawings together as a set, but each will have its own character and will have no problems hanging ‘alone’.

On Monday I will discuss how I draw rocks.


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  1. Evoco says:

    Really interesting article, thanks!”

  2. Richard Klekociuk says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    I visited your site and was impressed.
    Cheers, Richard

  3. Edna Broad says:

    Richard, Your new abstract drawings look great as a series and are beautifully balanced compositions separately and as a group. Very impressive red line. Regards Edna

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Edna, I’m glad you enjoyed them. I’m not sure whether I will display them as a group, or individually. I will wait until I finish the next drawing, which is only 20 x 40 cm.
      Regards, Richard

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