On Friday morning I went back to Cheshunt, in Northern Tasmania’s Meander Valley to get some fresh ideas. I took over 120 photos and came back with three ‘possible’ ideas for coloured pencil work. By the way, none of these ‘ideas’ are pictured today!

It was a glorious still, sunny day, perfect for taking photos and for exploring the old cottage (pictured) that has been such a source of inspiration for me.

The room which featured in Silence at the Table, is behind the two, right-hand-sided windows. Tomorrow I will feature Silent Light, which came from the room behind the far, left-hand-sided window.

This cottage is full of artistic merit and I never tire of visiting it. Each time I visit this historic property I discover something new.

It’s important to keep challenging yourself. Your art can only ‘grow’ if you ‘feed’ it with ideas.



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2 Responses to BACK TO CHESHUNT

  1. Gillian says:

    This really does look like my kinda place. Dust, decay and grunge – wonderful! I envy you that old chair – perfect!

    • artkleko says:

      You would fall in love with this place Gillian, just as I have. There is so much potential here for the artist, photographer and author. On Friday I shall post the first update of my sixth cp drawing from Cheshunt.

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