Morning Light, King River Valley.

66 x 18 cm

Coloured pencil on 220 gsm yellow ochre printmaking paper

The other day I came across an unfinished drawing in one of my folders and decided to spend some time and finally add the finishing touches.

Early morning and late afternoon light are without doubt the best times for a landscape artist to capture in their preferred medium.

Today’s featured drawing comes from Tasmania’s rugged west coast. The light here is often sharp and white at the beginning of the day. Sunset though is a different matter. Here the rich deposits of ore capture the setting sun and reflect a wondrous array of colours.

In my ‘early’ days of coloured pencil art I often drew subjects that featured a strong light source. This in turn resulted in some of my work featuring strong shadows. The often two-dimensional ‘look’ of these shadows often provided mystery and illusion.

I went through a period in my art where strong light and shadows were the norm. Lately, I have been looking at the various ‘layers’ in both light and shadow.

On Friday I will post images of the early stages of my latest drawing, Last Supper, which employs a strong, ‘welcoming’ light and a ‘broad’ range of shadows.

It was good going back in time to complete today’s featured drawing. You never know, this may inspire me to produce some more similar landscapes one day.


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  1. Gillian says:

    What a dreamy and atmospheric piece, Richard. I thought at first that it must be a watercolour – just goes to show how versatile colour pencils can be in skilled hands!

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