I have now arrived at the stage where I have covered the entire area of the pastel board with coloured pencil. The base colours are now ready to accept other layers of colour and the required detail, especially of the textures and marks that are unique to each rock.

The blocking-out stage is the most laborious part of this type of drawing and I’m now looking forward to the ‘business end’ of this artwork.

Now that I have all the basic information recorded, I can work on this drawing in small bursts, concentrating on one rock at a time.

Tomorrow’s post features my latest drawing that I started on Monday. Last Supper is from the same room as Silence at the Table, but it’s looking the other way and carries a quite different message.


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2 Responses to DRAWING ROCKS 3.

  1. wind says:

    Yes…this is my favorite kind of drawings. The colors of rocks…textures, composition…everything!


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