Silent Light, has become a difficult drawing to ‘finish’.

I have a habit of leaving work that is finished or nearly so, on my easel next to my drawing table. This gives me the opportunity of casually looking at the work. It is then that I realise whether or not I need to add more information.

Last week I was quite convinced that this drawing was ‘finished’. The following day I looked at it in passing and saw that something wasn’t right. It wasn’t until my wife Val, commented on the tone and texture of the left hand side, that my concerns were justified.

I got to work and  darkened the left hand side and the top of the door.  I added greater emphasis on the white light, especially on the floor as I wanted a ‘canyon-like’ appearance at the bottom of the drawing.

The result is a more dramatic drawing, that captures the intensity of light that I was seeking.


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