At last I have all but completed my latest rock drawing. I will leave it on my easel for a few days to enable me to ‘tweek’ it when I feel motivated. I want to ensure that the drawing is fully resolved before taking it to my picture framer in a couple of weeks.

As promised, I have included a series of photos showing the development of this drawing.

Coloured pencil art requires that you work in layers and build up the exact tone of each colour. This results in a rich layer of colour which in turn makes it a lot easier to create both strong and subtle tones.



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6 Responses to COASTAL ROCKS

  1. wind says:

    Well, this is the best, lately!
    I have a question!
    Do you think that I can have this amazing work in better resolution, so – I can print is and put it in a frame in my office?
    You have a price for this?
    I am in love with this image!
    If not, I will print it anyway!…ha ha… and keep it in a tiny frame on my desk!
    Thank you!

  2. smArtee says:

    so interesting and full of great design..!

  3. Tea says:

    Ohh I love this piece it is stunning, I will deffo have to drop by Redbubble and see what I can get of your work

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