Except for some power cables, my latest drawing Last Supper, has all but completed the block-out stage.

This drawing will change quite radically in the weeks to come.

Creating ‘mood’ in a coloured pencil drawing requires numerous layers of colour to achieve the right feeling.

The title of this drawing may promise a depressing subject, but this will not necessarily be the case. You (the viewer) will have to decide. I am deliberately creating an artwork with a double meaning.

The story so far: This is the sixth drawing inspired by the historic property of Cheshunt, in Northern Tasmania’s Meander Valley. I am looking at the past, farming now and then, decay and weathering both natural and man-made.

The scene: A derelict  room in an old, decaying farm workers’ cottage. The room has long been deserted. There is an old enamel mug clinging to the edge of a dusty wooden table. The door is wide open revealing a strong shaft of early morning light.

When completed there will be little light in the room. The atmosphere will be heavy with dust.

Why did the last worker leave? Did he fling the door open in despair or did he leave in hope?

Time and coloured pencil may provide the answer.


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6 Responses to LAST SUPPER: UPDATE 3

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  2. Gillian says:

    What a fascinating drawing, Richard – I shall look forward to seeing the progress. One question – do you consciously maintain a limited colour palette – you seem to favour warm, earthy tones and I’m wondering if it’s the influence of your country’s terrain, rather as in Aboriginal art being predominently earth hues. It’s your signature style, I think – how nice to have one!

    • artkleko says:

      I am strongly influenced by the colours of my environment, Gillian. It will be interesting to see what colours I favour when I move to Far North Queensland next year, for 14 months.

  3. Gillian says:

    Oh, I can imagine lots of blues from the ocean with bright hues from all the life on the reef! Lucky you!

    • artkleko says:

      Maybe, Gillian. Actually, I’m very interested in World War 2 plane wrecks, old buildings and old boats, but with a ‘tropical’ feel. I am even considering some figurative work.

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