At last, I have added all the main detail for my latest abstract coloured pencil painting. There is still a lot of work to do. Detail will be added, layers of colour will be evened and the edges trimmed.

I stated this week that creating this drawing was like single-handedly building an ocean liner. Well, the hull is finished and it’s time for launching. The details that will define the meaning of this drawing now need to be added.

Although an abstract composition, this work is derived from a real subject, that being a slab of concrete, packed with stones and tar.

I still see it as it really is although I’m sure I will ‘see’ other images over time.

Regardless of how abstract an artwork is, we all want to ‘see’ something. One can feel an emotional response to such work as well.

I have already completed an abstract, whose contents so moved me that I am entering it in next year’s Glover Prize.

Next week I will post some close-up sections. First though, I have to commence the ‘detailing’ phase.

Tomorrow I turn 60, and I’m having some friends over for lunch. I wonder what they will think of this work?

Today I am conducting an art class for the Launceston Art Society titled, Shadows are your Friends. I will post details on the day’s happenings next week.



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  2. artkleko says:

    Thank you, I shall visit your weblog.

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