When you are studying the implication of light on objects it is best to study your subject under varying light conditions, both inside and out.

Today’s objects have been photographed outside on a warm, sunny Spring day. Look at the different light, much sharper and harsher than that which was shown on Friday’s post.

Gone are the variations in shadow that were quite soft in some cases, on Friday.

These harsh shows really make a statement! Even the objects take on a bold appearance.

The china pieces (top) have clearly defined areas of light and shade. The speckled shapes in the concrete work quite well in the overall composition.

The pumpkins reveal a quite delicate series of shadows.

The exception outside was the ‘softer’ shadows cast from a seat that wasn’t in direct sunlight.

Working outside in the bright sun was not easy, as there was little wind and the glare from the footpath and lane way nearby, only made conditions warmer.. Most of the participants chose to spend more time working indoors than outdoors, where they had control over their working conditions.

In tomorrow’s post I will show some of the artists at work and discuss some of the ways of  ‘seeing’ light and shade.


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