Last week my wife Val and I spent 3 nights on Bruny Island. This short holiday was a 60th birthday present from Val and came as a complete surprise to me, but one that I was keen to accept.

My last trip to the island was on the eve of my 21st birthday, in 1971. A lot had changed since then, but the changes hadn’t been too dramatic. The island still had the peace and charm that it is famous for.

Our time on the island was wonderful. We had no television or radio (by choice) and all I had to communicate with the outside world was my IPhone. I received only one call and made none myself.

Being an artist on a small island I took the opportunity to gather as much information as I could, time permitting. As I had no idea that I would be staying in such an interesting place, I was unprepared as to what I wanted to do art-wise upon my return home.

As Val and I are leaving Tasmania in March for a 12-month stay in tropical Cairns, I had no plans to visit any specific locations to get ideas for possible new artwork.

I intend entering 2 major exhibitions in Hobart, both in January, but as yet I haven’t decided what I will submit. I’m not that keen on any more new work as I want to produce a series of drawings when I move north next year. Starting new work at this time of the year for no specific reason I thought would be a waste of time.

More tomorrow.


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2 Responses to BRUNY ISLAND 1.

  1. Chelsea says:

    wow, happy 60th MrK. What an awesome present from Val. I have never been to Bruny. Must go soon. Fabulous news you guys are heading north, hope its great. Getting my girls 72 box of derwent pencils each for Christmas… any suggestions on the cheapest place to get them?

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Chelsea, nice to hear from you!
      Roy and his staff have all your needs at Artery, in Collins Street. I’m not being paid by them, but they run an excellent art shop.
      Regards, Richard

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