Most of my art is thematic. In other words, there is a link between a series of drawings that is (usually) an obvious connection. This type of approach is very challenging and potentially a little dangerous. It is quite easy to ‘rubber stamp’ (mass produce) one’s work by producing images that look so alike, that they almost resemble editions of the same image/idea.

I am very conscious of repetition and therefore make every effort to make each of my drawings different and highly individual.

Themes are a great challenge in that they make one think ‘outside the square’.

My themes are quite broad. Over the past few years my thematic topics have included, bread, rocks, Resurrection, graffiti, an enamel mug, a section of concrete, seeds and pumpkins.

Today I am featuring my series on Cheshunt, a wonderful farm about 45 minutes’ drive from my house. I have visited the farm on several occasions and after each I have produced a fresh, new drawing, but with one common thread – an enamel mug. I found this mug on the property, and Paul the owner, let me keep it. I am currently working on my sixth drawing and hope that there will be more to come.

I am very interested on the decaying state of some of the farm’s buildings. Weathering, rust, natural and man-made graffiti have long been of interest to me. This farm has it all!

You will notice that there is an enamel mug in each of today’s featured artworks. This particular mug (for me) is a symbol of past life on the farm and related beautifully to the decaying state of some of the buildings. I was particularly taken by the man-made and natural graffiti that exists, especially in a former shearers’ quarters.

Light and shadow are also important elements that play an important role in this series of drawings. My latest work which is yet to be completed Last Supper, is all about mystery and employs a great deal of shadow with an ‘optimistic’ light.

When one has an idea, there are times when one, single artwork is not enough.

Artwork from the top:

Cold Tea

Silence at the Table

Thirsty Ground

Silent Light

Enamel Mugscape

Besides the 6 drawings mentioned I have a 7th half-finished that doesn’t feature a mug. It’s a view through a window frame belonging to an almost skeletal building on the property. It’s on my ‘to finish’ list and when I’m suitably motivated I intend to complete it.

Tomorrow I will post an update of my latest drawing, featuring a view through a sandstone cliff.


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3 Responses to THEMES 1.

  1. wind says:

    This week is the 3rd aniversary of Photographis!
    You are invited to take the award from my blog!
    Thank you very much for your support!
    …and keep your wonderful work , going!
    Best regards!

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