I have worked hard and I’m at the ‘touch-up’ stage of my latest drawing. Now is the time to put the drawing away for a week or so, then add the finishing touches.

This drawing will be my entry in the 2011 Wrest Point Art Awards, in Hobart from January 8 – 16.

It was refreshing to draw a very different subject to what I have been working on over the past few years. My trip to Bruny Island gave me the opportunity to draw ‘new’ subjects, and I am pleased with the result.

I am seriously considering a second drawing from my trip, this one being a sunset as my entry for Water Ways, an exhibition conducted by The Art Society of Tasmania as part of The Australian Wooden Boat Festival, to be held in Hobart on 11-14 of February. This exhibition is subject to one’s work being selected subject to a list of criteria so I will take my time before deciding what to do.

In the meantime I’m undertaking some research in the hope of finding the appropriate medium to work with in the tropics next year. More on that in a future post (or two).

My next ‘assignment’ will be to select one of my ‘unfinished’ drawings and add some more detail. I have quite a few examples in my folders that I can select from.

Tomorrow: Success at ArtEx 2010.



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