I have always enjoyed drawing rocks and wherever I’ve displayed examples I’ve been greeted with very positive remarks, even some sales and the odd art prize.

I’m not sure why rocks as an art subject are so popular and I’m not going off in a deep, intellectual journey to find out. I like rocks, a lot of people like rocks, and that’s good for everyone!

What I enjoy about featuring rocks in my artwork is their well-defined three-dimensional qualities, textures, patterns and the way they attract light and shadow.

To be honest, this is one subject where realism counts. To look like, feel like and have the character of a rock is very important. Art is all about illusion and bringing rocks to life is something I find personally very satisfying.



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3 Responses to THEMES 3.

  1. Gillian says:

    Goodness – you have been busy! I love rocks too – in fact any form of geology ‘rocks’ my boat. LOL. These are beautiful – such wonderful colours. Vibrant colours like these are not common in Wales unfortunately so I’ll just enjoy yours. ^_^

  2. Seems like that you’ve placed a lot of hard work into your post and I need a lot more of these on the net currently. I sincerely got a kick out of your post. I don’t genuinely have significantly to express responding, I only wanted to comment to reply fantastic work.

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