I have gathered a good collection of driftwood over the past 5 years or so, that have appeared in many of my drawings either as sticks or logs.

A change of scale with these objects has realised a broad range of subject matter.

Environmental and religious issues have been of interest to me. I have a fascination for structures such as Stonehenge, on England’s Salisbury Plain.

In the early stages of my Bread theme, I mixed my driftwood with a series of sandwich drawings.

It is both challenging and satisfying using a subject in a variety of contrasting themes.

Tomorrow: Meet the abstract family!


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2 Responses to THEMES 5.

  1. Tomas says:

    Your Bread theme revives the archeology: enables the viewer to look and to see his dusty road as the refreshing breath – the tireless gratitude. The “Stonehenge structures” revive in your drawings – knock on the heart with renewed understanding of the roots of our being that disguises as the art abstractions and thus hide themselves from modern civilization.
    Your pictures (and perfectly arranged blog) challenged me to look more critically at myself (Tomas’ sketchbook) and thus helped greatly to open the eyes.

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