I have completed 6 drawings in my Salamanca Series of abstracts and today’s photo features 4 of different sizes to give you an idea of the scale of the work.

The largest is 80 x 120 cm, the smallest 30 x 40 cm.

The inspiration for these drawings is a slab of concrete at the Hobart’s waterfront. I have 2 others, one being the size of the second abstract from the top, the other ( an entry for the 2011 Glover Prize) is the size of the largest work. The latter drawing has a very strong message.

I have plans for another drawing, the size of the second smallest one featured today. This will be dominated by red coloured pencil.

Tomorrow: A report on the first of 2 workshops. I conducted the first last Saturday and there will be a follow-up next Saturday.



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  1. Ester Roi says:

    Unbelievable feat – colored pencil art that measures 31 x 47 inches. I have a whole new respect for you!

  2. Barb Stachow says:

    Wonderful, did you just pile color on? Or did you have inspiration for these? What were you thinking about when you decided on the pattern? Hugs, Barb

    • artkleko says:

      Hi Barb, All of these drawings are carefully planned and are derived from the (visible) contents of a slab of concrete. I base all of my abstracts on the ‘known’.
      Regards, Richard

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