Saturday’s second workshop was a great success. The participants had been set ‘homework’ after the previous Saturday’s session and I was looking forward to what they brought with them. I wasn’t disappointed with what they presented.

Everyone had made decisions on what they would paint. Most chose acrylics, one selected oil paints, another pastels, and there were examples of mixed media.

Teaching an understanding of abstraction is a difficult task (more on this topic in a future series of posts), but it was great to not only see that everyone came prepared, but the fact that they came with a firm grasp and understanding of what was required.

In future posts I will display the artwork that was completed during the second session. Not everyone completed their task on the day, but I am expecting  photos of their work in the next week or so.

Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing and that was certainly evident last Saturday.

For the first hour we discussed each participants’ work, offering opinions and constructive suggestions. I evaluated each work, but I was keen for others to join in, and they did! Talking about one’s work is really important as it re-enforces one’s ideas, and allows for constructive criticism to be both given and received.

All of the hard work from last week’s workshop was starting to pay off.

More tomorrow.



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