Let’s have a look at some of the finished paintings from Saturday’s workshop.

The first thing that you will notice is the individuality of each of the artworks. It’s always important that your art is your own, expressed in your own way. People attend art workshops to help them reveal their true nature, not imitate the teacher.

I love the simplicity in the top painting and its clever use of orange. The composition is well-balanced and pleasing to the eye.

The second painting is rather complex, but reveals a sound knowledge of design principles. It has a strong ‘landscape’ feel to it.

Painting number 3 is more subtle and is full of textures. The addition of a red shape and very subtle red marks, helps give the composition a focal point.

The bottom painting has a richness and an organic feel that I quite like. Many of the shapes are similar in size, but they ‘click’ together. The use of line adds to the balance of the composition.

More tomorrow.


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  1. Did you go to school in California? I recognise your name, I just can’t remember from where.

  2. Erika Prisco says:

    Interesting read. I wish I had the motivation to write such good posts onto my own blog. I guess I just need to try harder.

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