Today’s artworks from last Saturday’s workshop are quite varied.

I’m not sure why, but vertical compositions were more popular than horizontals. I wonder why? The original task was to ‘peel’ the design from a rock, that meant drawing from one side to another in a horizontal composition. I  thought that we would have had far more horizontal compositions as a result.

Anyway, let’s see what we have today!

Ah, a horizontal! The top painting is well-balanced, design-wise and it has a nice feeling of ‘movement’.

The second artwork is in two parts. To the left is a soft pastel drawing, while an oil pastel artwork is opposite. I love the simplicity in both, but the right one gets my vote because of its strength of colour.

Painting number three is in four panels. What a great idea! They work beautifully as a collection.

The bottom artwork I judged as the highlight of the workshop. This beautiful composition was constructed in paper. What a great composition and closer examination reveals a clever use of line and texture.

What a great workshop!

I have some more to show you and will do so when I receive the photos from the artists concerned.



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  1. Gillian says:

    Your front page is dazzling with bright colours right now – wonderful examples – thanks for sharing, Richard.

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