The other day I visited one of my favourite art shops, Philcam, intending to buy some Daler Rowney mount board. I was unsuccessful, but noticed some sets of oil pastels that I had not seen before. Wow, didn’t they look good! The pastels sat neatly in their boxes, each having the distinct look of lipstick.

I couldn’t help myself and bought a box of 12 to take home and ‘play’ with. I did so, and I’m very impressed. I wish I had these oil pastels 30 years ago! They are buttery, smooth and cover easily.

Sennelier Oil Pastels come from France and there is a range of 120 colours.

With my move to Cairns next year and my interest in the Icarus Drawing Board, I’m sure that I will buy more of these pastels.

Have you tried them?


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  1. Gillian says:

    I haven’t tried these but they look juicy and rich. I always say you can never have too much in the way of art supplies. ^_~

  2. I’ve been reading a few posts and really and enjoy your writing. I’m just starting up my own blog and only hope that I can write as well and provide the reader so significantly insight.

  3. Alexa Trim says:

    Fantastic Post. I have read many posts on this subject and you have written about it the best. Keep it up!

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