Have you read last Friday’s post on abstraction? I featured the same set of images as I have done today, that being digitally altered images of bird poo. Yes, bird poo! Do you think differently now about this set of images than you did about those that were posted on Friday? Does it matter where one ‘sources’ their images for art? Now that you know the subject matter, has it changed what you originally thought they were?

These are all interesting questions and I guess it all boils down to what I said on Friday. No matter how non-representational the artwork is, we always look for something we ‘know’ more than we ‘feel’.

Artistic interpretation is so wide, and I guess even wider for the onlooker.

The original content of these images gave me enough information to ‘play’ with in Photoshop, and see what I could come up with. I decided not to eliminate any of the existing shapes, and chose to play with the colours, to try and alter the original ‘look’ of each image.

I’m not interested in what each image means, but I’m more concerned on how they look. They still work well as a set of images, although each could stand alone and still have ‘artistic merit’.

The more ‘open’ we are and the more diverse we are when experiencing art, the more exciting art will become for us.



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