My interest in sticks and stones has not only been a part of my drawing with coloured pencils. This subject has also played a prominent role in my graphic art, whether for commercial uses, or as part of some of my digital artwork.

The natural world has much to teach us in relation to composition and colour balance. Countless civilisations have interpreted this subject in their decorative arts such as mosaics.

Today’s illustrations have come from the Tasmanian landscape. They are quite flat, but could be seen in a more three-dimensional state with the addition of light and shade.

My landscape art is obsessed with being three-dimensional. It’s no doubt because I want the illusion of each drawing to be as convincing as possible.

It’s a nice break to draw in a more graphic way from time to time!


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2 Responses to DESIGN IN NATURE

  1. Gillian says:

    I love these graphic artworks. They put me in mind of 1950s curtain fabric – something fresh and organic like a Lucienne Day design maybe. Inspired!

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Gillian. I think this type of work comes from my art school days, where my work was quite graphically inspired. I like to return to this work from time to time as it helps me with my coloured pencil work.

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