I rarely ever ‘bin’ drawings that I consider a failure. It has to be bad to go in the re-cycling bin. No matter how ‘sound’ one’s planning is, there will be occasions when things don’t go right. If this occurs, I put the drawing in question away and look at it after a week or two and try to rectify it.

Something else I have done in the past and that was to cut out small sections from some of my less successful work. This has resulted in small drawings around 15 x 11 cm in size, not officially a ‘miniature (100 cm sq), but small enough to be seen as a ‘valid’ drawing.

Today’s featured drawings were completed about 25 years ago, and as ‘smaller’ works, have taken on a character of their own.

Monday: Some small pastels from rejected work.




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  1. Gillian says:

    These are enchanting, Richard. From a photographer’s point of view cropping an image is one of the most creative aspects and people don’t do it enough, relying too much on the camera’s default format. So this way of rescuing less successful artworks is right up my street. I love small pieces anyway, particularly when put in an oversized frame!

  2. Marion says:

    What a good idea. A lot of my failures and near misses hit the bin. Your cut down pictures are beautiful. I shall have to do the same in future although my small versions may not be as exquisite as yours.

  3. I’ve been reading a few posts and actually and enjoy your writing. I’m just setting up my own blog and only hope that I can write as well and give the reader so significantly insight.

  4. Nice website! I adore a couple of of the articles which were written, and particularly the comments posted! I am going to definately be visiting again!

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