Logs, St. Patrick’s River

Polychromos coloured pencils on Canson paper

27 x 17 cm

This study of sunken logs in the St. Patrick’s River not far from where I live, reveals the ‘layering’ that one sees in rivers and streams.

There is distortion, shadows, light and areas of mystery to contend with when composing such a drawing, which in turn gives the viewer a great deal of ‘food for thought’.


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2 Responses to BELOW THE SURFACE

  1. Gillian says:

    This is superb. I can read it as you describe but it fires the imagination with all kinds of imagery. Great depth and vigour.

    I haven’t used Polychromos – do you find they go in your electric sharpener ok? Are they ‘fatter’ than Prismas?

  2. My Ledah sharpener accepts all the coloured pencils I have, Gillian. Polychromos are the easiest to sharpen as they are the toughest of all the pencils I have.

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