My big clean out, prior to my trip to Cairns is well advanced. I have found several ‘treasures’ and lots of memories during my big sort-out. It’s amazing how much stuff one can accumulate over time! I already have amassed one trailer load of rubbish and one trailer load for recycling.

One thing that I found was a small photo album that contained a number of photos of drawings that were mainly completed during the 1990s. It also contained a summarised CV. Today I have my CV on an 8G Jumpdrive. Boy, haven’t things changed! I intend to take my Jumpdrive with me to Cairns, just in case the opportunity arises to show someone my work.

It’s important to have a CV as it is a summary of who your are and what you’ve achieved. A visual CV is basically advertising your artwork.

Today’s featured drawings are two from the album that feature The Nut at Stanley, in Tasmania’s Northwest. This rocky outcrop is one of the island’s most famous landmarks. Below sits the historic township of Stanley. I have stayed there several times and highly recommend it.

I enjoy looking back on my drawings from the ‘early days’.

Tomorrow I will talk about my latest abstract drawing.



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2 Responses to VISUAL CV

  1. Gillian says:

    The Nut looks like Ayers Rock afloat! Great to see these pieces, Richard – they show what a versatile artist you are, as well as your journey through styles when juxtaposed with your last post, showing 2010 artwork.

    Have a great 2011 – I look forward to seeing how your relocation informs your new work. x

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Gillian, and I wish you a productive 2011 and I look forward to seeing your lovely artwork on your blog.
      I’m not sure how I will handle my ‘tropical sojourn’, but I’m up for the challenge!

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