My latest abstract drawing titled Mountain, is slowly, but surely taking shape. At 120 x 80 cm and drawn in coloured pencil, it is a major undertaking at anytime of the year, let alone over the Christmas/New Year period. One must do these things while they are ‘fresh’ in one’s mind and ‘attitude’. I am currently in the ‘abstract zone’, so it’s time to get to work!

I have almost finished tidying up my studio in preparation for my trip to Cairns in March. I am taking some examples of my work and a good selection of coloured pencils, along with my reliable Ledah 333 electric pencil sharpener.

Back to today’s drawing! This work is the latest in my Salamanca series. In this drawing I have taken many of the shapes in Salamanca III and Salamanca Landscape and re-arranged them. This is not duplication, but more of a test of my imagination as I try to explore ideas that are realistically-based, in a more abstract form.

This whole series of drawings has come from one slab of concrete at the Hobart wharves. I love this sort of challenge.

We always look above, beyond and around, but how many times do we look down at what we are standing on?



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