From left to right:

Coles Bay, Mathinna Falls & The Cataract Gorge.

Long, tall vertical drawings are quite a challenge because of their elongated (skinny) proportions.

You either look at such drawings from the ‘bottom up’, or the ‘top down’.

They are of such a ‘vertical’ nature, that it’s important to included some horizontal lines and shapes to get the balance right.

However you tackle a composition of this shape, you will always have a strong, vertical feel. That need not be a problem, as it all depends on what you’re drawing.

Next week I’ll talk about ‘panorama’ compositions, wide drawings that encourage subjects with great depth.

Tomorrow: The Mountain is growing!


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4 Responses to TALL & SKINNY

  1. O my god! really excellent. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Paul says:

    nice blog with some great art work on. Really interesting, I’ve enjoyed broswing.

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