Afternoon Light, Mt. William National Park.

In the 1960s I remember Canadian Marshall McLuan and his famous expression, “the medium is the message”. His influence in the world of media is well documented and he predicted the World Wide Web about thirty years before it became a reality.

But fine art is a different matter. It’s all about what your work is ‘saying’, rather than the medium you are working with. Not all artwork ‘speaks’. Some are more of a record or documentation of something rather than a feeling.

Choosing the right medium is not easy. Some artists work in only one medium, others are ‘mixed media’ orientated.

Being a coloured pencil artist, I need to be careful in the subjects/ideas I select. CP does not behave in the same way as paint or pastel for example.

While this may sound rather limited from a cp artist’s point of view, I see it as more of a challenge.



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  1. Gillian says:

    Oh it’s a challenge all right. LOL. I think we CP artists are very fortunate in our enjoyment of this medium. It has so many positives and we’re all still learning new ways.
    Another great piece – my eye is drawn to the ‘tidelines’ of orange lichen(?) on the rocks. x

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