My entry in the 2009 Glover Prize,

Wholemeal Landscape, Northern Tasmania.

Next Friday sees the announcement of the finalists for this year’s Glover Prize.

This year I have entered two very different works, one an abstract/symbolic/political (?) landscape, the other a more traditional landscape with a hint of abstraction.

I know there will be a number of artists anxiously waiting throughout next week to see if their work has been selected.

It is a great honour to be selected as a finalist in such a prestigious award and I will never forget being a finalist in 2009.

Winning art awards is certainly a highlight in one’s career, but what really matters is that to enter any award one must produce work that is extraordinary, not ordinary.

By entering art awards you have to lift your standard. One must carefully choose what to paint. Your work must ‘say’ something. It can be obvious, ‘deep’ or subtle, but whatever it is or it says, it must be ‘special’.

I enjoy the challenge of entering art awards. It’s not simply a matter of entering your best work. You need to enter ‘certain’ work for particular awards. Once you’ve done your ‘homework’ and researched the history of the ward you wish to enter and viewed previous entries, then you can proceed, knowing what is involved.

Artists need to be challenged from time to time. Entering any art award certainly gives you something to aim for!


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