For sometime I have been noticing that ‘rusty mug’ has been a popular topic from people undertaking searches on the Internet. I’m not sure why this topic is as popular as it is, but it’s also been one of my themes over the past two years.

Today I have included two drawings from my ‘mug’ series where a rusty mug is the main subject.

Top: Cold Tea, Cheshunt and Bottom: Enamel Mugscape.

Both drawings celebrate the weathering/decay (rust) of a mug that I found at the historic farming property Cheshunt, in Tasmania’s Meander Valley.

The top drawing features all the marks that one would expect from an old, discarded mug. What I found really interesting was the dirt inside the mug which looked like very old, milky tea. There is a landscape inside the mug and another outside, around it.

The bottom drawing was all about the rust marks and scrapes on the mug itself. These were then ‘extended’ beyond the mug onto the surrounding areas. This drawing is as much about the abstract qualities of the marks as the mug itself.

I have commenced the sixth drawing in my ‘mug’ series, but today’s selection are the only two where the mug is the main subject.



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