Shells, Scamander, East Coast.

Faber Castell Pastels on Canson Paper

Coloured pencils are not the answer for every two dimensional idea an artist has. It certainly has its limitations and as a cp artist I am fully aware of what I can and can’t draw.

Smooth shells are not at their best when rendered in cp if you work the way I do. I do not add any solvent to my work that would result in a ‘smooth’ finish. I believe that the marks made by pencils should be seen. After all, pencils are mark makers and they don’t contain paint therefore, they shouldn’t behave like paint.

Pastels are they way to go when drawing smooth shells.

Today’s image features chalky pastels that I used a lot in the 1980s.

I have tried to draw smooth shells in cp, but realise that I’d better stick to more textured shells that are much more successful in my preferred medium.

Whenever you are planning a drawing or a painting, remember to consider the appropriate medium to work with before you start.



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