I recently pulled this drawing of Anniversary Bay, from one of my folders and did some more work on it. It’s now complete and I’ve put it on my RedBubble site.

This drawing of a group of rocks and two shells comes from Anniversary Bay, which is Northwest of Sisters Beach, in Northwestern Tasmania and is one of my favourite places to visit and for artistic inspiration.

I have been quite restless of late, which is understandable given my impending move to Cairns. I have decided what pencils and support objects I will be taking as well as a few examples of my unframed work.

Last Thursday, Mike Ferris from the Cairns Art Society (which I have recently joined) offered me a contract to teach at the society’s annual ARTescape in Cairns on July 18 – 22. I have said ‘yes’ and I’m really looking forward to the experience, providing I have enough participants sign up. I will be conducting a ‘full-on’ coloured pencil workshop. I will post further details at a later date.

Saturday’s garage sale was a great success. I even sold 2 paintings! I have someone coming next Saturday who is interested in purchasing one of my landscapes. It’s all good!

Tomorrow: Zero abstract


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1 Response to ROCK DRAWING

  1. Gillian says:

    Well done you – on all fronts. You made some sales, made new contacts, opened up a new way to further the CP cause and you’ve finished another great painting. Whatever you’re on, I want some. ^_^

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