Rostrum Club Number 14, Launceston Breakfast Club, meets each Tuesday at 7.30 am in the Kameo Coffee Lounge in the heart of the city of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Rostrum was founded in Sydney in 1930, and is Australia’s oldest and most respected public speaking organisation.

So what has Rostrum got to do with art?

I joined Club 14 almost 3 years ago at the invitation of my good friend Clarrie Pryor (former Australian Rostrum speaking champion) and I have enjoyed every minute of our weekly one hour meetings. I have learnt how to speak in public and how to conduct meetings. This has helped me greatly in my role as an art curator and it has given me the confidence when speaking in public.

As an artist, Rostrum has helped me to talk about my own work and the work of other artists, especially when opening art exhibitions.

Club 14 has been like a family to me and I’ll certainly miss them when I leave on March 14. Next Tuesday will be my last meeting with the club for 15 months, but there is a Rostrum club in Cairns, so I will have to check it out.

In Rostrum meetings some of the topics that are covered include: nervousness, how to give a reading, how to conduct a meeting, asking and answering questions, leading a discussion, speech preparation, speech delivery and timing with and without visual aides,  body language, short notice speeches (my favourite), oral reporting, competition speeches, interviewing, role-playing related and workshops.

Have you ever experienced Rostrum? Well you should!



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2 Responses to ROSTRUM

  1. Margaret Baker says:

    The empty seat on the left of table says it all Richard! We will miss you, but will keep the seat warm until you return! Hugs mb

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