Online at last!

After a few problems I have finally made it to the Internet.

I know this is an art blog, but I thought I should post some photos of where we are.

Trinity Beach is about 20 minutes’ drive, north of Cairns. It is a beautiful place and we are very happy with our apartment that we have leased for 6 months. You can see our ‘home’ on the bottom, right hand side of the last photo.

I had to include my lovely wife Val who like me, is slowly adjusting to the ‘tempo’ of living in the tropics.

It’s still the wet season, and we are getting the occasional dump of rain, but with temperatures ranging from 24c – 31c during the day, one shouldn’t complain.

We’ve done some shopping and our pantry is well-stocked. today we visited a fruit market and boy, was there so much to choose from!

I’m not at all keen to start any drawing at this stage, but I am looking forward to collecting some ideas. I will post a series of photos next week with some commentaries.

The inclusion of a plane in one of the photos is because we are on the edge of all the jets that fly in to Cairns, and there’s a lot of planes, let me tell you! We don’t mind as we can sit on our balcony and watch them fly by bringing more tourists in to this very popular region of Australia.

More on Monday.



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6 Responses to TRINITY BEACH

  1. Gillian says:

    Thanks for giving us a sense of your new location – it looks wonderful. I also love the idea of a fruit market – sounds like a great place to sit and sketch. x

  2. Margaux says:

    Are you sure this is Trinity Beach Richard? It looks like heaven to me!!

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