While Val was completing an exam paper (fancy having to do an exam on holiday!) on Wednesday morning, I sat and drew one of the leaves I had collected on our morning walk using the pencils Val had given me last Christmas.

It was too hot to sit outside (29c at 8.30am), so I opted for air conditioned comfort while I drew. This was the first piece of artwork that I had attempted since arriving in the tropics a little over  a week ago.

This is a simple ‘look, see and draw’ sketch. All I wanted was to hone my observational skills and try out my set of Derwent Graphites. The pencils are great to work with. I used 110gsm cartridge as support, but if I had of opted for say, a heavier watercolour paper with a medium finish, the result would have been better. This drawing is about 28 x 14 cm in size.

Observation drawing is about getting down as much information as is needed within a certain time.

I spent about 75 minutes on the drawing and it was a good way to ‘shake off the cobwebs’. My next drawing will be about the patterns and shapes from my leaf collection and will be more about abstraction than realism. The funny thing is that one has to ‘look’ and record such work in a realistic way!

I shall post some examples next week.

I have been invited to speak at the next meeting of the Cairns Art Society on April 9th, and I’m looking forward to meeting the members and ‘networking’.



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  1. Chelsea says:

    loving reading about your life in the tropics. It brings back memories of my family’s year in hot Mexico!

  2. artkleko says:

    No cactus here, Bun, just lush greens, blue sky and water, a little rain now and then, plus heat!

  3. Gillian says:

    A beautiful, simple piece – it would look good as a small cameo in a big frame. I’m glad the heat hasn’t totally put you off your art!

    • artkleko says:

      Cheers, Gillian. I have finished a ‘quickie abstract’ in cp that I will post on Monday. I have bought some pastel board and hope to start a major work during the week.
      Regards, Richard.

  4. Joan Birkett says:

    Hi. Richard , it is good to read your positivity about arriving in Cairns at this time of the year…. i.e I live in Ingham, not far away, and I am still feeling it
    this year, it has been so much worse than usual.
    I read somewhere that you would be giving a 4 or 5 day course on the use of the Colour Pencil later in July, I am interested, and wonder if you could let me know a little more about this possibility.

    • artkleko says:

      Hi Joan, Yes I am tutoring in this year’s ArtEscape, held by the Cairns Art Society in July.
      All the details can be found on their website. Just Google ‘Cairns Art Society’.
      I am the guest speaker at next Saturday’s Art Society meeting and hope to run other workshops during my time up here.
      Regards, Richard.

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