Last week Val and I visited the Crystal Caves at Atherton. Although it wasn’t set in an original cave, there was much to see. As usual I took a heap of photos. As well as countless varieties of crystals from all over the world, there were fossils and rocks to admire. I had a ball!

Several of my photos  (in particular those of rock slices) will provide excellent source material for abstract compositions.

Today I have posted an image that I created from one of the photos that I took. It’s quite haunting to look at, but not really that disturbing. It’s amazing what one can come up with when playing with images in this way.

What do you see?

Monday: My latest drawing is starting to take shape.



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2 Responses to DIGITAL MYSTERY

  1. Carmen says:

    Good evening. I admire your work. I can’t draw or paint myself, but my father is a painter (Antonio Pitxot) and I found some similitudes in the way you both observe nature as it is. Greetings from Cadaqués, Spain!

    • artkleko says:

      Hello Carmen, and greetings from Australia! Thank you for your comments. I shall see if I can find examples of your father’s artwork on the Internet.
      Regards, Richard.

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