I’ve finally covered the entire pastel board with coloured pencil and I’m now ready to add the details required to make each object ‘believable’. I’m not after a purely ‘photographic look’. It’s more about the individual character of each object. The marks, stains, textures and shape of each object is unique and that needs to be addressed.

The background (Prismacolor Cream) will have no direct influence on the composition except that it will help ‘tame’ the shadows and make them more of a secondary feature.

Have you ever noticed how strong shadows can be in direct light? Here on Trinity Beach the light casts very strong, sharply defined shadows that can be over-dominant at times.

In this drawing I want the abstract shapes within each of the objects to be recognised and championed. After all, realism is made up of abstract shapes. It all depends on how you put them together!

Tomorrow: The first in a series of 4 posts on Easter.



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4 Responses to CP DRAWING: UPDATE 3.

  1. April says:

    Beautiful. They say the light in Australia is amazing for painting….can’t wait! Thanks for visiting my blog again ~

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks, April. Yes, the Australian light is wonderful. The light in the tropics is quite varied and not necessarily as bright as one would expect.

  2. Carmen says:

    Nice what you said about individual character of each object. Maybe their own memories, too. Gongratulations!

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you, Carmen for your kind remarks. I have done some research and found examples of your father’s work and I am very impressed.
      Warm regards, Richard.

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