I have always been interested in patterns, both natural and that created by human hands and minds. I am most impressed with mosaic art and I’ve already seen some excellent examples in Far North Queensland. Next week I will show you a drawing I did that I’d love to see as a mosaic.

Last Monday I decided to start a new drawing (bottom image) that featured more of the sticks and stones I had collected. But instead of a traditional still life drawing, I intend to build up the surrounding areas (background) with an extension of the patterns from the various objects. The colour palette for these patterns will not be the same as that of the objects. Once again I’m using Canson Sepia Pastelboard.

The top image is more ‘tropical’ in colour scheme. It’s a section of a leaf that I found. From the point of view of art being therapeutic, this is the type of art I enjoy the most. When completed this drawing will be loud, colourful and happy! I have 5 more planned, all from the same leaf, but quite different from each other. This time I am breaking with tradition and I’m using Canson 160 gsm paper as support.

Monday: A candidate for a mosaic?


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2 Responses to PATTERNS

  1. April says:

    Yet another excellent art work in the making…

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