Symbols of Faith

Coloured pencil on pastel board

I would love to see this particular composition produced as a mosaic, maybe in a church courtyard. This drawing came from my work with small stones and pebbles that I have developed over the past 20 or so years and my interest in Christian symbolism.

It’s good to see one’s art expressed in a totally different way, especially outside a frame and in a more three-dimensional context.

Today Val and I are off to Cooktown until Thursday. I hope to gather some new art ideas while I’m up there.

Wednesday: My first ‘tropical’ abstract.


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  1. Carmen says:

    Hi, I must admit I am a bit slow, but only today I discovered your web page!
    I like the idea of using your drawings in a church stained glass, is that what you meant? I am fascinated by your interpretation of christian symbolism. Do you know ancient romanesque architecture and its “opus spicatum” in the walls as a symbolism for the fish? Some of your works make me think of it. Warm regards!

    • artkleko says:

      Hi Carmen, I am familiar with Romanesque Art, but I shall investigate it a little further. My fish symbol was developed from the early Christians’ mark-making and Jesus saying I
      “I will make you (the disciples) fishers of men”.

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